The Best Comforters Money Can Buy

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Snuggling under the covers and pulling your warm and cozy comforter up to your chin is so pleasant on cold winter nights. When the comforter is a luxurious, beautiful one, it feels even better. There are several popular types of luxurious comforters available and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. When most people think of luxurious comforters, they picture white plushy down filled bed covers. These comforters are so soft and so warm that it's no wonder they are very popular. If you have been afraid to use a down comforter because you are concerned that someone in your family will be allergic to down, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that new cleaning methods have been developed that help remove allergens and debris from down to make it hypoallergenic. If you love down, but you have a polyester budget, then you may want to look for a synthetic down comforter.

These safeguards are filled with special material that feels almost as soft and warm as real down. And there are lots of choices of duvet covers to choose for you down or synthetic down comforter so you can easily match your d├ęcor or change it whenever you want. Duvet covers also help keep a down comforter or synthetic down comforter clean so you will not need to have them professionally cleaned as often. If a down comforter is not quite your style, you may want to look for a sophisticated satin comforter instead.

These comforters come in a wide range of brilliant jewel tone colors, but you can also find them in classic black. Of course, satin can be a bit slippery and does not breathe well. Silk comforters are quite beautiful, but are not as slippery as satin. Silk comforters are very lightweight, but this does not stop them from being warm and cozy. With the increase in environmental awareness, these quilts made with natural fibers are really growing in popularity.

However, silk comforters require special care, so do not wash them without checking the cleaning instructions on the care tag. Suede comforters are perfect for a masculine bedroom, but are a bit on the heavy side. If you are concerned about caring for a suede comforter, you may want to consider a micro-suede comforter instead. Micro-suede looks like real suede, but it is easier to care for and much lighter. While suede rarely is quilted, you can find quite a few micro-suede comforters with quilted designs. If none of these luxurious comforters are right for you, you may want to take a close look at velvet comforters.

These comforters provide a sumptuous, warm night's sleep. Just be prepared to have your quilt professionally cleaned if it is made with velvet. Whichever comforter you choose, you'll be sure to sleep better when you are feeling warm and cozy.

Interview Dress For Men on a Budget

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Men of all ages sabotage their interview as soon as they walk in to meet with the hiring manager or human resources. What you wear does matter. By following the advice outlined in this article you can be sure that you are wearing the right interview attire while at the same time staying within your budget.


You do not have to travel to Savile Row in London or the most expensive men's store in your city to get a suit that will serve you through a series of job interviews. Most chains have men's suits. You can buy them as a coat and trousers or sometimes you can buy them separately. If you can do the latter do so. It will require less tailoring and fit better off the rack. If you can only buy one suite get a solid navy blue one. If you can afford two suits get a medium to dark gray one also. For your initial suits avoid pin and chalk stripes, plaids, other patterns plus black or tan.

The suit jacket should site well in the shoulders most importantly. Make sure it is large enough that you can easily button the middle button only on a three button suit and the top button on a two button suit. The suit jacket should have a handkerchief pocket on the front to the wearer's left breast and two flapped pockets at hip level – one on each site. You WILL NOT use these pockets. At minimum you will need to take the suit coat to a tailor to get the sleeves hemmed. Plan to show a bit of shirt cuff (more on that to follow). The only additional coat tailoring may be in the back of the coat if one is very thin or very narrow shouldered.

Trousers must be the same color as the suit jacket (and of the same fabric – close does not work). Pleats or no pleats are an individual matter. But they must be dress suit trousers – not casual or twill trousers. The waist should have belt loops (more on that later). Wear or bring your dress shoes when trying on the suit trousers. They should touch the top of the shoes and allow for a small dent call a "break" in the front crease of the trousers. If they do not they are too short. If there is more than one dent or break or if the puddle around the shoes then you will need to get them hemmed by a tailor. You can wear them with cuffs or not. Again it is a matter of personal taste (I prefer cuffs).

Note: always make sure the suit has been dry cleaned and is free of spots, lint and wrinkles before any interview.


Even in this age of Casual Office attire and a range of colors and patterns for men – from head to toe – the white shirt is still standard for interviews. Modestly priced white dress shirts can be round at most retail chains. The shirt of choice should not be patterned or textured. The ideal collar is the plain point collar rather than the button down, tab (a small tab with a snap or button under the tie) or pin (worn what looks like a safety pin under the tie) collars. Button cuffs are preferred for interviews over cuff links and French cuffs (too dressy). Make sure the shirt is made to neck and sleeve size rather than Small, Medium and Large. If you need to, try on a couple in the dressing room. The collar should be comfortable and not too loose or too tight when buttoned. The cuffs should come down to the end of your wrist joint. Cotton is better than polyester and cotton but that is better than polyester. Many shirts today are no iron but they are more expensive. If you do not know how to iron well, take your shirts that require ironing to the cleaners to be cleaned and pressed. No short sleeve shirts. No pocket flaps, cowboy themes or epaulettes (except you are Charlie Wilson).


Again, try the department stores and also the value stores that sell merchandise that has not sold at the big department stores. Look for a tie that is not too thick or too thin. Three inches to three and one half inches works well. For the navy blue suit look for the following ties: red or maroon with small white or blue dots or patterns, light blue with small white, red or maroon dots or patterns or yellow with small blue or maroon dots or patterns. No navy blue, no green or other colors. Silk ties are best. Silk and polyester are next best. Avoid 100% polyester. For the gray suit go with a navy blue tie with small red, maroon or white dots or patterns. The Maroon and the light blue ties work well too. Striped ties are acceptable (the President of the United States wears them) but they turn some people off as they can represent British regiments, men's clubs and private ("public" in UK terminology) schools. While I like striped ties you have to be careful with them due to the variety of reactions they stimulate. The same applies to bow ties. As has been often said – unless you are applying for a position as a college professor or a pediatrician – forget the bow tie.


Wear a thinner black leather belt with a plain buckle that is gold or silver colored. No woven leather, cloth or brown belts.


While I have written who articles just on the subject of shoes, a couple of points about shopping for interview shoes at a reasonable price. First, look for leather shoes. They should be black. Laced shoes are best. Shoes with rounded toes are better than those with square ones. Thinner soles are better than thick ones. Leather soles are better than rubber ones. The perfect shoes are the oxford, the split mock toe and the cap toe. You can see these at any good shoe department or store. They are more traditional and never go out of style. Avoid anything that looks like a running shoe. While I like dress loafers – which come with and without tassels and can be very expensive – some people react negatively to them and view them like the striped ties. As such it is best to avoid them for interview situations. Make sure the shoes you do buy are polished to a shine for each interview.

Underwear and Socks

Men today wear underwear of all styles and colors. Make sure you wear a tee shirt style undershirt in white for the interview. Wearing no undershirt or a colored undershirt is not acceptable. You are on your own as to under shorts – until you get to the gym or country club locker room that is. Wear plain black socks. The higher the better. Do not go without socks or wear the short athletic socks in any color. Never wear white socks without it is with sneakers or running shoes.

While none of these points will insure you a job, they will serve to keep your attire from draining your bank account and also making it either a positive or at least neutral so your skills, experience and drive can speak for themselves.

When Good Ergonomic Office Furniture Goes Bad!

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When Ergonomic Office Furniture Can Cause Harm

Many office workers spend the majority of their day at a workstation. It is at these workstations that they make their living, and hopefully their workstations are setup in a way to keep them happy, healthy, and productive. However, each year thousands of people suffer from carpel tunnel, back problems, and a host of other problems from working at a workstation. At the center of any workstation is the work chair, which can be the source of many problems associated with office work. With the use of ergonomic chairs for the workplace, workers can avoid injury and be more comfortable and happy while working.

One factor that many offices overlook when selecting ergonomic office furniture, especially chairs, is that not everyone is the same size. Although managers in charge of selecting ergonomic chairs may scrutinize features like lumbar support, tilt options, and overall adjustment, they often forget that these chairs are designed for people of average size, but people who fall outside this range are likely to be discomverted. Many ergonomic office chairs do not accommodate the unique size or shape of a very petite woman or a tall man with wide shoulders. While lumbar supports do make chairs much more comfortable and easier on the spine, a poorly adjusted lumbar support will cause more harm than good. This is because a lumbar support is designed to fit a certain part of a person's back to reduce pressure and the weight that the back has to support, but when improperly adjusted for a very large or small person, it will put extra pressure on their upper back, or hit their lumbar too low to be effective. Because of this, workers who are very large or small may need a specialty chair to reduce the risk of injury or strain.

Keyboard trays are another piece of ergonomic equipment that is designed to reduce stress on the hands and wrists, but many times they cause more harm than good. Many keyboard trays are often arranged so that they can not be adjusted, which assumes that there is one universal typing position for everyone. The inability to change the position of keyboard trays leaves many workers with their wrists at odd angles and maintaining a static position to reach their keyboard comfortably. Many experts recommend that a keyboard be tilted away slightly instead of toward you like many keyboards. Another downfall of many keyboard trays is that they do not provide a place for the mouse, so workers must reach away from the keyboard every time they need to use the mouse.

Although many employers mean well by getting their workers ergonomic chairs, they do not realize that they are not one-size-fits-all. While most ergonomic office chairs do work well for most people, chairs with more adjustments will allow a wider range of workers to be comfortable and more productive than chairs that force workers to maintain static positions throughout the workday.

4 Ways Expert Tattoo Designers Do Tattoo Designing

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4 Ways Expert Tattoo Designers Do Tattoo Designing

There is a high demand for tattoo designs nowadays. This is probably because of the current trends in fashion and lifestyle. Tattoos are now being used in order to enhance a person’s look and physical appearance. Hence, there are many opportunities today for tattoo designers and artists out there.

Some people use this as their main source of income, while there are some who do designs in order to have additional income. If you are an artist who wants to engage in this money-making opportunity, then you need to learn a lot of things in order to really be successful. For me, there are four major things that experts and professionals consider when designing tattoos.

One thing they do is stick to the original plan of their client. This is because it is the client, not the artist who will wear the tattoo. You should therefore ask for the specifics of what your client really wants. As much as possible, try to absorb every last detail. Do not hesitate to consult your customer. Most of the time, the client will only be able to give you certain specifications and details initially. This means that what has been relayed in the project specification might be not be everything your client really wants. Moreover, this can also be a way for you to establish rapport with your client.

Another thing you also need to do is to beat the deadline. This is one of the most important things that employers consider in hiring artists. You need to make sure that you submit your design ahead of time; at least a day before the target delivery date of your client. This is because it is one of the signs and indications of how dedicated and disciplined you are for the job. This can also be an opening for you to be hired again and again in the future by the same employer. On top of that, you might also get a bonus or increase next time.

The third thing expert tattoo designers do is read around the subject and search for new techniques. Reading related references to tattoo design is part of the continuous learning process in designing tattoos. This will give you new ideas on what are the best designs today and for your generation. On the other hand, searching for new techniques can affect how you will execute the tattoo application, and, in many cases, affects the design that you will create. The best thing about these techniques is that they increase your value as a professional tattoo artist. Hence, if you are very knowledgeable, clients will be more interested in working with you.

Additionally, professional tattoo designers should be very open to suggestions, revisions and alterations. This can be in done by gathering information about what your friends, co-artists and even your client think about your draft design. This way, you will be able to further improve your skills as well as your designs.

The bottom line is that to be an expert tattoo designer you need to put in the effort and exceed the client’s expectations.

Furniture Store Marketing – When Everyone Is Your Customer, No One is Your Customer!

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One of the biggest challenges home furnishing owners must overcome, in order to be successful in this new economy, is the dreaded I-offer-everything-for-everyone syndrome. On the surface this looks like a sure-fire way to get more customers, but it is already proven time and time again that it is not always the most successful way to prosper in your store.

If you are an independent home furnishing retailers, then chances are you have a limited budget and limited space to work with. So, if your store offers several contemporary collections, several ultra-modern collections and some eclectic pieces as well as some early American collections scattered through you store, do you really think that you have enough of any of those styles to satisfy the type of customers who are looking for a specific style? However, style is only one way to target your customer.

In fact, the most successful furniture retailers in my area focus on a couple of things to attract a specific type of customer:

  • Complete living room packages for under $ 2,000 or furnish your entitlement home for under $ 5,000.
  • Long-term low or no interest financing
  • Fast delivery within 3 days or less
  • Lower prices for packages

So, by narrowing down their advertising, they attract a customer that wants to purchase multiple pieces, which in turn, drives the average ticket sale and profits up. They then offer attractive financing terms which attracts customers with good credit and income, while enticing them to spend more money because the customer has longer to pay for it.

Most importantly, they save the customer money by buying more and can get it in their homes in a couple of days. There is also another twist to these retailers. They reward their salespeople handsomely for NOT selling the financing, but getting customers to pay off their balances in less than 90 days.

There is a common slogan in marketing statute, "There are riches in niches." Simply put, this slogan means determine who your most profitable, enjoyable and easy to attract customer is, and then specialize in getting more of those customers to come into your store and buy. You do this by creating a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that compels your most profitable customer to come back into your business again and again.

What if you reviewed your business over the last couple of years and discovered the following trends about your customers and prospects:

  • Wives initially visited the store without their husbands.
  • Recently married
  • Had three kids
  • Lived within five miles of your store
  • Spent between $ 800 – $ 1500 on sofa, loveseat and tables.
  • Paid by Visa, MasterCard or Discover

Once you have this information, you can redesign your store and business to cater to more of the same types of customers that are currently spending good money in your store.

However, you can only use this information to your advantage if you take the time to find out who your customer is, what is important to them and what they really want.

It may come as a surprise to you, but your customers want more than just a sofa. If you are just selling a sofa, you are missing out on a ton of business. Here are a few of the keys I have discovered over the years:

  • Do not sell mattresses, sell relief from back pain.
  • Do not sell home theater seats, sell the entertainment experience.
  • Do not sell sofas or loveseats, sell comfort and warmth.
  • Do not sell furniture, sell status and prestige.
  • Do not sell interior design, sell ENVY and the WOW factor!

Once you know what your customers really want then, you could use that information to create a USP that attracts more of the same type of customers. For example:

  • "Do not hire expensive interior designers, use our 23 point design checklist and give your home a million dollar look for FREE!"
  • "Discover how to give your home an extreme $ 20,000 makeover, on an $ 8,000 budget."
  • "Your family and friends will say" Oh my gosh! Your home is simply amazing! "In 27 seconds flat … we guarantee it!"

Best Budget Hotels in Nainital

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Nainital is the Lake District of India which is located in the Himalayan belt amidst the Kumaon hills and is a paradise for all nature lovers. It is considered to be one of those splendid holiday spots which are enriched with a treasure of lakes and hills, thereby making it a favorite destination for the young and the old alike. Moreover, there are many economy hotels in Nainital which cater to the needs and requirements of people from all segments of society.

Nainital is a peaceful zone nestled in the lap of Mother Nature. It makes for the best getaway from the crowded and busy city life. Among the famous tourist attractions of Nainital include the Tiffin Top, referred to as Dorothy's Seat which is a terrace hill top on the Ayarpatta hill. It is located at a height of 7520 ft above sea level. It makes for a nice picnic spot and is perfect for aspiring photographers as well. One can enjoy the lavish picturesque surroundings from Naina peak or China peak as well. The Naina Peak opens up to a beautiful panoramic view of the snow laden Himalayas in the west to the Api and Nari peaks in the east. One can enjoy a ride on a pony or can ascend the peak on a horse. Naini Lake is the backbone of the city of Nainital and the city has been named after this lake. It is the most predominant of all the lakes and is surrounded by green hills, the beauty of which is breathtaking and should be captured as a photographic memory forever. The entire township of Nainital revolves around this lake. St. John's Church is another much frequented tourist hot spots in Nainital.All in all, Nainital offers the tourists an exhilarating experience of nature's wonders.

Budget Hotels in Nainital

Among good budget hotels in Nainital is Hotel Pratap Regency. It is located on the mall road on-lake-location, at a distance of a few yards from the bus and taxi terminus. The hotel provides decently furnished well appointed rooms and excels in providing personalized services to its guests. It also offers a splendid and panoramic view of the lake and its surrounding. Guests who have stayed here say, 'it is an extremely comfortable hotel, describes best rating.' Recommended by 84% of its tourists, the hotel charges Rs. 950 for every night.

Next to the category of budget hotels in Nainital is Hotel Prim Rose. Recommended by 100% of its guests, the hotel is surrounded by forested mountains, and the rooms are all facing the famous Naini Lake. The Hotel is located just 100 meters away from the bus and taxi stand. The hotel has well furnished rooms with all modern amenities attached along with it. To stay here, one has to shell out Rs. 870 for every night.

What Is the Single Best Day Trading Indicator? – Shift Theory Ratios Overview and Why They Work!

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What Is the Single Best Day Trading Indicator? – Shift Theory Ratios Overview and Why They Work!

As a new or seasoned trader you are likely looking for a statistical edge to give you the upper hand when trading the markets. There are hundreds of indicators on the market but the truth is only a couple indicators really work. Just about every indicator fails when it comes to back testing and analyzing price data in real-time. Obviously this is something few people are willing to talk about because there were no alternatives just a few months ago.

Most indicators simply don’t work because of the way they are designed. There are two issues most technical analysis techniques have today:

  1. Signal Noise
  2. Signal Delays or Lag

Signal noise is one of the biggest issues with most indicators. The reason is that they are mostly based on the closing price. The closing price changes every time a symbol has an uptick or down tick. As an example of how noisy an indicator like the moving average or the RSI is. If you take a 60 minute bar on an actively traded symbol you can easily have a couple of thousand false signals in a single bar. That is a major issue that technical analysis needs to overcome.

Signal delay is the other big issue. Most indicators need looking back at least a couple of bars but that means relying in old data. The further you look back for signal stability the more out of touch the indicator is with the current price. One of the other issues that signal lag is caused by is the solution for signal noise. Most indicators allow to only calculating the indicator after a bar closes. This cleans up signal noise but then the signal has extreme lag issues.

The solution to most of the issues technical analysis issues comes from a new class of technical analysis and indicators. These are called Shift Theory Ratios. What they do is focus on the data that counts and is responsible for creating trends. Some examples of the data that counts are:

  • Up trending markets typically a series of higher highs and higher lows.
  • Down trending typically markets have lower lows and lower highs.
  • Choppy markets have a high percentage of bars overlapping each other.

Most trends have a certain price characteristics and no where does the current closing price dictate trends. For a market to go up it must make new highs. For a market to go down it needs to make lows. Meanwhile the majority of the closing price data is producing noise.

In the end the Shift Theory Ratios are the best indicators for day trading because they only focus on the data that counts. Shift Ratios are not only accurate but they have very little noise. The price indication only reacts to bars making highs, lows and percentage of overlay. All of this data is broken down into easy to read lines that are color coded as follows.

  • Green = Measures up trend strength.
  • Red = Measures down trend strength
  • Yellow = Measures choppiness by the percentage of bars overlapping.

5 Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me Right Now

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5 Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me Right Now

Stop wondering what kind of "niche" you should get into with your affiliate site and just pick one of the ones I'm about to give you. A lot of so-called gurus will recommend you go with a "low competition" niche so you do not have to do any work. Hogwash, I say. The best niches are the ones where the most competition exists. And I've outdone five of them you can take right now for yourself.

1. Web Hosting – Design an entire site around web hosting, and include tips on how the features available on many hosting companies. Write your OWN content. Do not use that PLR crap that floats around. Learn about Fantastico and MySQL scripts and give information about them. To compete in this field, you'll have to create a large site with hundreds of articles reviewing all the webhosts; give plenty of tips and guides on how to upload a website. Some web hosting companies pay their affiliates a percentage of each customers MONTHLY payment. Imagine all that cash flowing to you each and every month …

2. Spyware – My god, do people willingly want to get rid of all that spyware on their computers. Note that important word "desperate." Write lots and lots of articles about spyware and how to get rid of it. Again, a very competitive field, but if you build a large enough site you'll become an authority in it and do very well. You can then compare and contrast different spyware removal programs.

3. Autoresponders – Learn EVERYTHING you can about Aweber and Get Reponse and create step-by-step guides on how to use them. Include screenshots! Make the largest site you can all on this topic and get paid recurring monthly payments on each customer you get to sign up with these autoresponders.

4. Credit cards – Beware, a very difficult but VERY lucrative site to build would be a credit card comparison site. This one would take a ton of work, but has the potential to rake in a ridiculous amount of cash. You make affiliate commissions off of just getting people to fill out a credit card application (as long as they're approved). Tough, tough, tough. Be ready to write hundreds of thousands of articles for your site and for submission to article directories.

5. Weight Loss – Review EVERY weight loss program in existence. At the end of each article, either have your affiliate link to that weight loss program, or if it sucks or if they do not have one, write a scathing review and link to your "personal" recommended program instead.

THESE are the types of sites you should build. Forget the so-called "low competition" niches. Just forget them. If competition is heavy it's because there is a lot of money to be made in a niche. If competition is light it's most likely because there just is not that much opportunity in it. But if you build a site like this, there are a few things you'll need to do correctly, such as Web 2.0 marketing and having a certain kind of quality within your articles that beats out all your other competitors.

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